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About Us

We founded Otpusnise.com online store because our mission is to make people happy. We offer the experience of ecstasy without shame, the pleasure of discovering all the wonders of your own body, arming our customers with the confidence that leads to a fulfilling intimate life. It is for this reason that we chose the name “otpusnise” , to give you the confidence and peace of mind to shop with us.

We believe that for most people, experiencing pleasure plays an essential role in overall health and well-being. Pleasure is for everyone and every body. We are committed to communicating with our clients with authenticity and authority in an environment free from judgment and shame.

Orgasms are our business

Our team works passionately every second of the day to improve the love lives of as many people as possible . We fight all preconceived notions about sexuality. Everyone, regardless of age, has the right to a sexually satisfied life.

Why shop with us?

From day one, we focus on providing the best customer service and value to the consumer. By reducing operating costs, we can offer the best prices to our customers. Our secure website ensures a seamless online shopping experience in our web store.

We sell only sex positive toys and products, and each of our products is inspired by those who use it. We listen to our community to select sex products that serve every body.